OneBlade / Brand Film


OneBlade OneBlade commissioned us to design, direct and craft a series of product films for their iconic luxury razor blade and premium skin care lineup. Rather than the original 30s spot OneBlade requested, we pitched 5 x 15s clips and various loop videos for web and social media use to provide the visual variety the client sought in our initial discovery. Together with Josh Nash, OneBlade’s CMO, we carefully selected the best ideas to present the product photorealistically within surreal surroundings. With a two-week timeline for each clip we were able to keep the first four clips on a tight schedule, with only a Covid-19 infection disturbing our workflow for the last.

OneBlade | Playback.Design from PlayBack.Design on Vimeo.


The OneBlade Genesis Razor -  a modern, minimalist masterpiece of design. It is forged with the world's finest materials to make sure it lasts forever. To emphasize this we made an "Ageless" clip showcasing the raw materials in action. Here, we also highlighted the signature see through handle that enhances both grip and beauty.


Shaving is most often a morning ritual. So we decided to showcase the vibe of the rising sun in one of the clips. The mirror is an integral part of shaving so we used it to further accentuate the razor’s design. We then added dried flower petals as an organic element to balance against the hard surface objects.


The OneBlade razor has a unique head geometry and suspension that provides safety and comfort in a perfectly balanced package. With the help of a Teflon-coated interior spring, the razor’s head seamlessly adapts to the curvature of the face and neck. This clip was an abstraction of that concept.


OneBlade Razors use Feather FHS-10 Japanese steel blades, the highest quality shaving blades in the world. Our idea was to show a transforming metal cube and burst it into blades. We finished the video by showcasing the razor’s unique snap-in blade loading mechanism with the satisfying “click” sound the blade makes when inserted.


OneBlade’s luxurious, ultra-smooth shaving cream formula consists of natural ingredients so we wanted to showcase it as a pure, soft white cream dancing with leaves. We chose one of those ingredients, Lavender petals, to add a glimpse of color.

Creative Direction
Josh Nash,

Design & Direction

Almantas Vasiliauskas
Alvydas Jatkialo

Music & Sound design
Andrius Kauklys / @andriuskauklys
Would like to thank the following people whose work inspired and indirectly helped us developing this project:

- for inspiration of slicing setup - Frederik Vanhoutte @wblut
- for amazing magnetic field setup -  Alessandro Pepe -
- for developing awesome tools - Luca Scheller -

Thank you!